Political Science, According to her biography on the Assembly Member government website, Sydney Kamlager-Dove is a democrat who’s newly a part of the California State Assembly since April 2018. She was a previous president of the Los Angeles Community Col

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student 1 TAYLER 250 words

National House Representative: Karen R. Bass, District 37

California State Assembly: Sydney Kamlager-Dove, District 54

California State Senate: Holly J. Mitchell, District 30

City Council Representative: Paul Koret, District 5


Representative Sydney Kamlager-Dove from the California State Assembly in District 37 serves on the aging and long-term care standing committee. This committee advocates for senior citizen health and activities. Kamlager-Dove is also a committee member of Arts, Entertainment, Sports, Tourism, & Internet Media which focuses on programs and policies affecting the industries listed in the name. According to her biography on the Assembly Member government website, Sydney Kamlager-Dove is a democrat who’s newly a part of the California State Assembly since April 2018. She was a previous president of the Los Angeles Community College District Board, the largest community college district in the nation. She is vocal about supporting California’s Title X which assists low-income Californians in their family planning. She also supports education and economic issues. Given her background in leading the LACCD board, she is passionate about connecting community college students to jobs in California.

I agree with her views on education and how it can greatly impact the local economy. She has the perspective that if college programs are geared towards preparing someone for the job market and working their way up from low-income to middle class, our economy will be more sustainable. She also comments in an article called “My Priorities” on her campaign website that she supports innovation and encourages competition. I feel that innovation, especially in technology, will greatly increase the strength in both local and national economies. In addition to her stance on education, she is passionate about solving homelessness in Los Angeles, and I also value the importance in this issue.


Kamlagerforassembly.com. (2018). My Priorities | Kamlager for Assembly District 54. [online] Available at: https://www.kamlagerforassembly.com/my-priorities/ [Accessed 26 Oct. 2018].

Official Website – Assemblymember Sydney K. Kamlager-Dove Representing the 54th California Assembly District. (2018). Biography. [online] Available at: https://a54.asmdc.org/biography [Accessed 26 Oct. 2018].

Student 2 Destiny 250 word comment

1.) National House Representative: Steve Scalise is our Republican House Representative and he represents District 1. Steny Hoyer is our Democratic House Representative and he represents District 5.

California State Assembly: Anthony Rendon is our democratic state assembly and he represents the 63rd Assembly District. Brian Dahle is our Republican state assembly and he represents the District 1.

State Senate: Dianne Feinstein is our senior California state senator and Kamala Harris is our junior California state senator. Senators represent the entire state not just one specific district.

I live in Los Angeles California but the section I live in is also called West Athens and it is within the 2nd District and the city council representative is Paul Krekorian.


2.) Kamala Harris serves on the Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, Committee on the Budget, Committee on the Judiciary and also Select Committee on Intelligence. Since she serves on so many committees I will describe the Committee on Intelligence. This specific committee has 19 members in total. The Committee was created to oversee and continue studying the intelligence activities and programs of the United States Government. They are to submit appropriate proposals for legislation and report if there are any concern with certain intelligence activities and programs to the Senate. They are also supposed to provide if carefully observed legislative oversight over the intelligence activities of the United States to make sure that such these activities are in compliance with the laws and Constitution of the United States. By law this committee must keep the President informed and up to date at all times which includes keeping the committee informed of covert actions and failures with significant intelligence. Although, all senates have access to these intelligence assessments, under certain situations, the President may restrict access to covert action activities The Committee of intelligence consists of these main activities: hearings, legislation, investigations & reviews, confirmations, analysis and daily oversight. The committee staff reviews the intelligence reports, budgets and activities. They also investigate for the Committee, prepare legislation and receives briefings.



Committee Assignments of the 115th Congress. Retrieved from https://www.senate.gov/general/committee_assignments/assignments.htm (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.


U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. Retrieved from https://www.intelligence.senate.gov/about
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