Please respond to the following BMGT8002 EVALUATION OF LITERATURE REVIEWS Discussion 1 Unit 6 Week 6

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Evaluation of Literature Reviews

Activity Context

This discussion helps you develop the skills to master the following course competencies:

  • Evaluate management theories in both local and global contexts.
  • Analyze research methodologies applicable for business research.
  • Write and present in academically appropriate ways.

Activity Instructions

For this discussion, post your literature review as an attachment to get feedback from your peers. Do not wait for the Unit 5 assignment feedback from your instructor. You can incorporate instructor feedback once you receive it.

As you work to complete this discussion, be sure to:

  • Include APA citations as needed when using outside evidence.
  • Post early in the week so that others can respond to your ideas.

Response Guidelines

Review as many literature reviews as you can (minimum of two), especially the ones that relate to your own topic. As you review these summaries, make note of any sources you wish to examine on your own. Respond to the peer above and below you on the discussion thread list to give feedback on the ideas they share, relating them to your own topic and literature review. Use the scoring rubric you learned about in Unit 4 as the framework for giving peer feedback.

Remember that this is a collaborative learning experience; we are peers, so responses should be written with respect and honest reflection.


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