Please look at the attached file and make 3 pages for it. 1

Please look at the attached file and make 3 pages for it.
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ORGANIZED CRIME BOOK REVIEW Select a book on organized crime that you find interesting. You can choose any nonfiction book using a broad definition of organized crime that would include corporate crime, gang crime, or just plain ethnic organized crime. Book Review HYPERLINK “” HYPERLINK “” The best place to search for books is at the University of Hartford Mortensen Library web site. HYPERLINK “” Click on WorldCat (the bottom of the list) and search for organized crime using the format specified on the page. Notice you have to choose each work separately, so on line one you would type “organized” and on the second line “crime.” Or, alternatively you can search by term, such as “drug” and “trafficking,” or name, such as “Al Capone” or John Gotti. In this assignment you will do the following: Briefly retell the story of the book by discussing the most important individuals, what they are doing that constitutes organized crime, and how the events documented in the book develop. Write enough so that a person who had not read the book would know what it was about and who was involved. Second, use the one or two concepts developed in the course to provide an overview of how a criminologist might view the book. You an look at the structure and functions of the group, the theories that might explain the events, or the way the law was used to control the group. This assignment should be no more than three pages, typed. The due date is May 2nd.