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1. Read John Thompson’s The Evolution of Species Interactions. Write a 1-2 page essay explaining what he meant to say in the following paragraph:

“Many of the major events in the diversification of life can be traced back to the appearance of novel species interactions. The consequences of these events are so pervasive—and, in some cases, the genomes of the species so completely anastomosed—that it is easy to forget how central they have been to life on Earth: mitochondria and the origin of the eukaryotic cell; chloroplasts and the origin of plants; dinoflagellates and the origin of coral reefs; lichens, mycorrhizae, and rhizobia and the process of terrestrial plant succession; gut symbionts and animal digestion. Other interactions between free-living species are equally pervasive. A majority of plants would quickly become extinct without their animal pollinators. Even in a gene-centered view of evolution, it is the armies of gene packages we call species that wage the genetic wars and create the genetic alliances.”

Make sure you explain each example that he cited (for example, how are mitochondria or chloroplasts related to new species interactions?) You will get insights from the paper, but should also do your own (online) research.

2. You can hear this video, write 2-paragraph essay cited and referenced.

here the link:

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