Please answer all questions and be organized. Write short answers, do not over do it. Thank you

Please answer all questions and be organized. Write short answers, do not over do it. Thank you.
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Sociology Sociological Imagination Spring 2014 Chapter 6 True or False- Write your answer Sociologically, an act cannot be classified as deviance if it does not cause physical or emotional harm to another individual. Answer: Functionalists believe deviance has no useful purpose in society and only contributes to social chaos. Answer: Based on the research of Martín Sánchez-Jankowski, the reasons urban youth join gangs include recreation, leisure, and to protect the community. Answer: Multiple Choice- Circle your answer Violations of norms and rules that are written into law are officially called . A) ethics B) values C) folkways D) crimes The concept of the relativity of deviance is BEST illustrated by which of the following statements? A) It is not the act itself, but the reaction of others to the act that makes it deviant. B) The nature of one’s behavior is the most important aspect in determining deviance. C) Deviance is most related to functionalism because it creates a dysfunction for society. D) Deviance is analogous to mental illness. A group’s usual and customary social arrangements, on which its members depend and on which they base their lives, is called . A) social control B) sanction C) social order D) social guideline What is a group’s formal and informal means of enforcing norms called? A) social solidarity B) the social imperative C) social control D) social bond In an effort to resist the label of “deviant,” most people will develop rationales to justify their deviant acts. Sykes and Matza refer to these rationales as . A) ideologies B) techniques of neutralization C) strategies of justification D) labeling Which type of sociologists would consider deviance to be a natural part of society? A) functionalists B) symbolic interactionists C) conflict theorists D) neo-conflict theorists Because of , deviance is often seen as mental sickness rather than…