Planning Regulation Analysis.

 Purpose: To learn about the regulatory environment that governs a property, specifically, the provisions of zoning, the most common land use control. Task: For this paper, you will use Portland Maps ( and other resources to describe the policy constraints applicable to the property that you analyzed in Assignment One(I will submit the Assignment 1). You will investigate the zoning and other land use restrictions that govern the property and compare these regulations to both the prior use(s) and new development. Content: Organize your analysis in whatever way you see fit, but please make sure it contains the following content: • Situation: Diagrams, maps, and/or aerial photos of the parcel showing the placement of (a) all prior structures and (b) all future structures. Photos and architectural renderings are also helpful. PS:2 pages of text (including sources), unlimited pages of images/figures. • Zoning: What are the characteristics of the zoning code applicable to the site? Does the zoning on the site match the Comprehensive Plan category and the category’s goals and objectives? • Prior Use: Analysis comparing prior land uses on the site to what zoning allows. • New/Future use: An analysis of what will be built relative to the zoning code. For example, could the site be used more intensely and, if so, how was it underutilized? • Policy adjustments: Identify any zoning adjustments or other policy exceptions that might have been required to allow for the new development. • Controversy: Identify and thoroughly describe any policy-related controversy that might be relevant to the project.

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