Pharmacy Tour

Use Humor and heart touching feeling to this paper.**** 1. Visited CVS- Customer Center. 2. Some of the videos we watched were Member Onboarding how easy it was and app is user friendly, Multiple Sclerosis Diagnosis- how the nurse helps you personally just like a humble family member, Acute to Chronic (Minute Clinic), Rick’s Specialty Story- this was very heart touching and felt like if I ever get sick and am alone in life I can definitely count of CVS to get me through hardships of my disabilities and how nurses help me day in and day out, Real Time Benefits, and Epic. 3. We also saw the new machine added to Mail Order this summer is the Horizontal Dispensing Unit, which replaced the old machine called ADU. HDU replaced ADU (Automatic Dispensing Unit). Bottles were getting stuck in the ADU machine because not all bottles are perfectly round, some are kind of square. This led to inefficiencies. The HDU allows for any shape bottle and is at least 5 times more efficient. 4. *****Change the wording of the following as this may cause the plagiarism:****8 Gives a valuable opportunity to develop a good sense of the role pharmacists play in the community and on the health care team. Showing how pharmacists help patients in a real world setting, how pharmacists working with patients have improved health care and decreased costs to the overall system through counseling reminding them of various refills and basically acting like a robotic mind for them to make their lives easier. • Demonstrate how you are one of the most accessible health care providers in your area and country • Demonstrate your work with Medicare Part D beneficiaries and how our services have protected seniors. Pharmacists are one of the few health care professionals without recognition as health care providers who help improve lives.

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