Parents and family

Parents and family background have more influence than the teachers on a young person’s learning and academic achievement.

  1. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

Important note must taking in account :

· Words limit: 300

· Use academic resources

· Critical thinking writing to the point and in depth.

· Resources should be not less than 3 and should beover 2011

· Use Harvard Style for references and citations

Document Preview:

Writing with Critical Thinking Whether written down, spoken or simply thought, critical thinking is an organized and substantively developed approach to making a point. It is a way of thinking. However, in a fast food world it is a mistake to think that everyone was taught or, if taught, remembers or, if remembers, takes the time to organize their thoughts and develop a well-reasoned response. A quick scan through a series of social chat replies, like Facebook, quickly demonstrates that quite a few people speak first and think later. Before an essay is a written discipline it is a mental discipline. By the end of this tutorial I hope you will see that it is a discipline that is worth further developing with daily practice. Your classes provide a great opportunity to practice. Writing Discussion Responses. There was once an assignment to write a 300 to 500-word discussion response. It was clear that most of the students were taking the assignment seriously and were intent on earning a very good grade. Indeed, the submissions met the length requirements and had several citations. But, they were missing one or more fundamental elements of a discussion response that were needed to achieve the highest quality requirements. The students had the desire, but lacked training in the skills needed to develop a critical thinking writing assignment that could earn an optimal grade. The good news is that these are skills that can be learned and practiced. It is very easy to say ‘write a discussion response’ but it isn’t necessarily easy to do. Each of the parts of the response needs attention to detail. If the opening doesn’t engage the reader they may not read the rest. If the author doesn’t tell the reader what the response is about, they may not understand the points. In the body of the response each of the points raised in the opening have to be convincingly developed. Finally the response has to finish strong! If it fizzles at the end it can…

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