Paper on micro economist Vernon Smith (1921-) – Economics games

 Writing ability, over minimum length, knowledge of the topic, grammar & spelling (use a Spellcheck). Use APA or Chicago Style rules.A “Works Cited” page must be included, with not fewer than three (3) academic-level references, whether online or hardcopy, PLUS a reference to the specific relevant section of the Textbook for the Analysis piece ‒ for a total of (4) references ‒ Wikipedia is NOT acceptable as a reference, NOR ANY dictionary, NOR is a blog, nor general news sites such as Fox News, USA Today, Huffington Post, etc. The Economist is fine, as are The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Business Week, and other reputable business-oriented publications. “Works Cited” page MUST be included. Simply listing websites is NOT ACCEPTABLE ‒ they must be identified clearly, stating the writer if known, publication, date, etc, as with any normal reference. specifically to one of the economics topics (Unemployment, Economic Growth, International Economics, the influence of government on the economy, measuring the economy or measuring the well-being of participants in the economy, environmental economics, etc) as studied in our Macroeconomics class, WHICH MUST BE IDENTIFIED, using a graph or written description clarifying how the economist in the Paper added to our understanding of this topic.

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