organizational behaviour,The main purpose of the paper is for you to convey your understanding of the OB theories discussed in this course, demonstrate your self-awareness as it relates to the process of working with others, discuss how you interact in a

Reflection Paper Guidelines (15%)
The purpose of this assignment is to assist students in developing an understanding of the OB
theories discussed in lecture and seminar by actively engaging in a process of self-assessment
and an individual and team-based exercise. The goal of the paper is to demonstrate your
comprehension and internalization of the course objectives and illustrate that you have a solid
understanding of the core elements of Organizational Behaviour.
Your paper must reference at least three of the self-assessment instruments you are asked to
complete weekly: the “Big Five” Model of Personality and any two others.
In class on October 1st, 2018 you will complete the “Winter Survival Exercise”. This activity is
done individually and in groups. Based on your participation in this exercise, you are required to
write a paper that details your experience based on the topics covered this course. Note that
you will want to discuss both individual processes (e.g., your own personality, perceptions,
attitudes, etc.) and how that may or may not influence the results of your team, as well as the
group processes that contributed to your end result (e.g., group dynamics, communication,
motivation, etc.). The paper must not exceed 6 pages. In writing your paper, you may want to
consider some of the following questions (note that this is a sample of questions you may want to
consider and not an exhaustive list):
• How did the group make decisions?
• How did the individual members communicate with one another?
• What personality factors helped or hindered the performance of the group?
• How did your perceptions of your group members change over the course of the exercise,
if at all?
• Did anyone take a leadership role? Was the role assigned or did the leader emerge?
• Were there any power struggles or conflicts among the group members?
The main purpose of the paper is for you to convey your understanding of the OB theories
discussed in this course, demonstrate your self-awareness as it relates to the process of working
with others, discuss how you interact in a group setting (with an understanding that your own
behaviour can influence the behaviour of others), and how your group as a whole performed
while completing the exercise. Your paper should be double-spaced, written in 12-pt Times New
Roman font, with 1-inch margins all around. You must not exceed the 6 pages allotted for this
assignment as additional pages will not be read and will not be factored into your grade. Part of
your evaluation will be based on your skill at communicating the information in a limited space.
Spelling, grammar, punctuation, correct usage of APA format, and adherence to the required
structure of the paper is important, and will be factored into your grade. The nature of the paper
requires you to write in the first person, however, you are still expected to write formally and use
active voice.
Avoid boiler-plate, generalizations (e.g. “Communication is very important in today’s
organizations.” “Motivation is essential component of high performance.” “We all need to be
concerned about emotional intelligence.”).
You do not need to define, or cite, the basic terminologies of the course [e.g. “Extroversion” – a
personality dimension describing people who are outgoing, talkative, sociable, and assertive]
Report Structure:
A. Title Page
B. Body of the Paper (maximum 6 pages double-spaced, 12 point Times New Roman, 1 inch
or 2.54 cm margins, left justified)
C. References
D. Any attachments (attach self-assessments only if you are using ones we have not yet done
in class)
E. Number the pages, do not use report folders, staple the upper left-hand corner.
You will be evaluated on the content of the paper (i.e., how thoroughly you cover each of the
areas outlined above, the strength with which you support your arguments, the relevance of the
information presented to OB), the structure of the paper (i.e., is the information presented
logically?), the integration of theories with individual and group processes, how well the
information presented is communicated and the quality of the writing (i.e., appropriate
grammar, punctuation), the extent to which you present a thorough and realistic
understanding of the self-assessment instruments and associated theories, and a demonstrated
insight into the practical consequences of Organizational Behaviour.
This paper is due in Week 8 at the beginning of the lecture.
You must be in class to complete the Winter Survival Exercise. Students who do not attend
the class (or are late and do not complete the entire exercise) will receive a 0 for this

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