Organization believers

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Please answer 2of the following essay questions. The exam is open book/open notes. Your answers must reflect your own work and you may not discuss the exam or your answers with anyone else. You must integrate multiple aspects of the course in each answer and across all of your answers (readings, class discussions, etc.).

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theres are answers examples for question 4-5 attached. it is only answer example

please I need 2 papers double sepses for 2 questions that you closed 2of the following essay

  1. What does it mean for people to have individual differences and why is this important for your understanding of organizational behavior? Discuss some aspects of your personality and how it affects you at work and what you are doing about it. Are certain personality traits better or worse than others? Why/Why not?
  2. How and why do emotions and biases positively and negatively influenced behavior in the workplace? How have/will you incorporate crucial conversation principles to be more effective at work?
  3. Discuss one area of Emotional Intelligence where you are relatively strong and one where you are relatively weaker. Why is Emotional Intelligence important to your professional relationships and how are you incorporating this into your professional development?
  4. How and why is trust important in the workplace and what have/can you do to build trust? How trusting are you? Discuss a situation where you need to repair trust and your efforts/plan for doing so that illustrates effective methods to repair trust.
  5. Discuss several basic theories/principles of human motivation and how they relate to your experiences. What are some mistakes that you/others frequently make when attempting to motivate others and how have/will you avoid these?
  6. Discuss what it means for someone to be engaged with versus identify with their work/organization? Why should managers and organizations care and how can they use these concepts in mutually positive ways?

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