Organisation and System leadership for Nursing

 Organization and System leadership for Nursing. Instruction: One page for each topic, APA format with 2-3 references less than 5 years old for each discussion topic. 2. Week 2 Discussion Building Better Relationships This assignment is designed to explore methods that a manager might employ to usher in an aura of change within an organization. Suppose you have been promoted to the position of Chief Nursing Officer (CNO) in a major medical corporation that has been experiencing unrest and distrust among employees. These problems have caused an issue with employee retention and quality control issues. You are determined to make a better connection with your employees and begin the healing and recovery process. You want to forge a better overall relationship amongst the administration and the employees and to reduce the overall turnover rate of employees. What actions do you think would be most helpful to demonstrate your commitment to better relationships between the administration and the employees at large? Suggest at least two actions and provide the rationale behind your suggestions. You may suggest an action from your readings or utilize an appropriate resource such as empirical data to substantiate your plan of action. Week 3 Discussion 3. Leading Change Recognition of salient factors that contribute to great leaders is important in establishing among employees the willingness to follow a person through the change process. In this assignment, you will discuss the characteristics that contribute to a person being either a good manager or a great leader. Consider an organization that employed or is currently employing your services as a nurse. Describe a time when you believe that the organization did a good job of transitioning to a change. • Describe the issue that brought about the need for change. • Describe the change implemented and how it was implemented. • Cite examples that indicate the organization did a good job of transitioning to the change. Week 4 Discussion 4. Principles in Practice How our personal set of principles guides our decisions in life can have a huge impact on our business and career successes. For this assignment you will explore your sense of personal principles by reflecting on an experience in which you employed your own principles and not necessarily those of management. Provide a real-life example of a time that you did not act according to strict policy, but rather allowed your own set of principles to guide you in making a decision. What factors influenced your decision-making process and how did you develop your set of guiding principles? Discuss how you did or can apply this lesson to your own future performance in leadership. Week 5 Discussion 5. Personal Beliefs in Practice Our personal growth and development throughout our lives has helped to create a set of beliefs upon which we judge all interactions, even those in business situations. Through this assignment you will reflect on an experience where you employed your own beliefs, and you will consider how they may have influenced your choices in leadership moments. Using the worksheet you completed this week, provide a real-life example of a situation where you were asked to make a leadership decision in your personal or professional life that challenged at least one of your personal beliefs. What were the circumstances surrounding the challenge? Did you compromise your beliefs? What emotions rose to the forefront when your belief systems were challenged? What were the results of the decision and were you satisfied with the results? What changes would you make in similar future situations? Discuss how you did or can apply this lesson to your own future performance in leadership.

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