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These are due via email no later than April 29 by 11pm.

*I would suggest completing the assignment as soon as you are able.

*Your response should reference specific moments of the production. (Make it clear you actually viewed

the entire show, and didn’t just read about it on Wikipedia  )

**In the credits, or perhaps with additional research, you can find the names of the actors, designers, etc. I

encourage you to use those names whenever possible.

VIEWING OPTIONS (choose only one):

On Netflix (if you have an account):

–SHREK THE MUSICAL (by David Lindsay-Abaire and Jeanine Tesori)

On YouTube:

–YELLOW FACE (by David Henry Hwang) – drama/comedy, R-rated;

adapted specifically for YouTube!

;t=13s (Part 1)

;t=4s (Part 2)

On Digital Theatre Plus:

*To get to this site, you need to start by going to and making sure you are logged in. Once

you are logged in, then go to ; on that page, you’ll see this option on your right:

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