Observation Report

Observation Report Description Students must complete two of the following observations: Site #1: McDonald’s/Burger King/other burger places Activity: Observe eaters and tally the different ways people eat their burgers. Written Report: Tally sheet of the different methods and analysis of tally sheet. How do men, women, and children differ? Do individuals sitting alone eat differently than those who dine with others? One of the body paragraphs in your report might be about adult male dinners, one about adult female diners, one about teens, and one about children. Include tally sheets at the end of your report. Site #2: Your home Activity: Select and review three television shows – one should be rated for viewers over the average adult; the second should be for younger adult or teen audiences; the third should be for children. Written Report: Tally sheet of the types of commercials on both shows. Compare and contrast the ads. One of the body paragraphs in your report might be about the ads for the average adult viewer, one about the ads for the young adult or teenage program, and one for ads for the children’s program. Include tally sheets at the end of your report. For each report that you do, write a 2-3-page report summarizing your findings. Use the APA format. You should have a title page and an abstract page that summarizes in a few sentences the purpose and the result of your observation. The text of your report should begin with an introductory paragraph that leads into the purpose of your report as mentioned in your thesis statement, which specifies in one sentence what you had planned to observe. Then you will have 2-3 body paragraphs (each with a clear topic sentence that tells the reader what will be discussed in the paragraph). You might use a narrative (chronological) pattern or a comparative-contrast pattern in the body paragraphs. Use whatever pattern of development that best helps your reader understand the results of your observation. Finish your report with a concluding paragraph that summarizes what you learned in your observation. Include tally sheets at the end of your reports. Note: Tally Sheets must specify details about the subjects of the study. The hamburger study must list: sex, approximate age, and style of dress of each diner observed. Also note if the diner ate alone. The commercial study must list all products advertised during each show, how often the ad was shown, and the approximate length of each commercial. The department store study needs to include: name of store visited, time of day and the day of the visit. A description of store employees who offered assistance or didn’t help should be included, too. Their approximate age, sex, and willingness to help are the kinds of details that will help your study.

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