Obesity in Adults

Prepare a formal teaching project that is expected to be 30 minutes in length and prepared for a low-literacy group of clients. The teaching project will include three components: a) Teaching Plan (Paper); b) a Handout/Brochure appropriate for the target audience; and c) the teaching presentation. teaching plan in the following outline form with a reference list [done in APA format]. Abstract is not needed. The teaching plan should include the following – chapters are listed but additional supporting references are always recommended. 1. The teaching plan should include the following: a. identify the target audience and state the overall goal of the teaching session b. measurable behavioral objectives with the domain identified for each objective c. detailed content outline – specific topics to be addressed/ content outline template is a road map for any educator to follow d. a variety of teaching strategies appropriate for the target group e. time allotted for each part of the content f. all types of instructional materials needed for the teaching session g. specific method of evaluating the extent of learning that has at least 15 minutes allotted in the plan h. reference list (minimum three) Reference list is relevant to the topic and includes at least 3 resources from texts, peer reviewed journals or reliable websites and cited in correct APA format. You must use varied references; they cannot be all from the internet. 2. Handout/Brochure/Posterboard – can be high quality from a reliable source to meet the following criteria: a. literacy level 5th-8th grade – INCLUDE your documentation of readability test b. visually appropriate/creative c. culturally competent d. meets current standard of care e. comprehensive for topic

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