o identify and differentiate between goodand bad resources, especially when secondary research is being done

o identify and differentiate between goodand bad resources, especially when secondary research is being done

Describe your process of
selecting the current trend or solution that you would like to implement within
your organization.

services and delivery is an emerging area where lot of trends can be witnesses.
There are several trends that the current day health care organizations can
implement. I believe that the process of trend selection and its implementation
should be based on the future perspective and the probable revenue that could
be generated with the implementation of that particular trend. One of the most
useful trends in current day’s health care service and delivery is managed
health care services and personal nursing care. The personal nurse care has
emerged as an important trend that current day’s organizations are following.
There was a time when the roles of nurses were limited in the health care
delivery. But, with time the trend has changed to have more powerful role of

Share at least 3 of the most
useful resources that you have found for identifying current trends in the
health care management industry.

trend is usually based on the perception of people. There are various ways to
search for the trend in healthcare or any other industry. I believe that
secondary research is one of the most important ways to check and analyze the
trend. The three useful resources that were used to identify the current trends
in healthcare management industry can be discussed as:




the above resources are credible resources and one of the good things with
these resources is that authors have provided the source of all the data that
is being collected to identify and analyze the trend.

Identify at least 2 resources that
you reviewed but chose not to use.

is a good way to identify the resources but there would always be certain
resources that may not be useful. The two resources that were reviewed and not
used can be mentioned as:



Indicate how you decided what was
a good resource and what was not

must say that it is always difficult to identify and differentiate between good
and bad resources, especially when secondary research is being done. As a rule of
thumb, I can say that we should follow the resources that
provide good references and sources of data. Also, the credibility of websites
should also be checked before taking any information.

Write your Curriculum Vitae (CV). Refer to the template on pages 618-619 in DeNisco and Barker (2013). Your CV should not exceed 2 pages in length.

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