Noncompliance in psychiatric treatment with severely mentally ill adults.

Your task for this assignment is to immerse yourself in the literature. You will determine what theoretical frameworks have been used with your phenomenon of interest/population. Your phenomenon of interest is—noncompliance in psychiatric treatment with severely mentally ill adults. First, complete a computerized literature search about your phenomenon of interest and search for a theory appropriate for your phenomenon of interest to determine what articles you will use for your bibliography. Look for articles about your target population from scientific, peer reviewed, research journals from a variety of disciplines. You need to look for primary sources which is an article written by the researcher or theorist. Do not include literature reviews or meta-analyses in your annotations as these are secondary sources. Use research articles published within the last 7 years. Do not use textbooks, opinion articles, commentaries, case studies, or literature review articles. Second. Analyze the literature to determine what theories have been used to study your phenomenon. The analysis is done via 10 citations. Each citation is followed by your annotation of that citation. Third. Synthesize/summarize what you have found. Were theoretical frameworks used at all? If no, what would you suggest? If yes, what theoretical frameworks were used and why? What theoretical frameworks were not appropriate and why? Include statements in your synthesis/summary to answer these questions. A synthesis/summary example is illustrated below at ***. Your annotated bibliography assignment has no page limit but annotations should be brief. Each is “a note” for you to summarize each article for yourself. Your annotation will contain information similar to the abstract of an article. Utilize information from the abstract and the entire article to complete the annotation as described under “c” below. These annotations need to be used to prepare your final paper. All or your annotations must be primary sources. a. Title page—expected— b. One introductory paragraph to describe your area of interest (should be reflected in the selections in your annotated bibliography). c. Ten primary references (10) followed by a one paragraph “annotation”. Start with the number 1 and give a complete reference for each article in APA format except that you will number each reference and do not need to indent the 2nd line. Label each reference in order, number 2, etc. Your annotation may be similar to the abstract of an article. You must not copy the abstract but “shorten” or “lengthen” your annotation with the headings listed below. Following each reference, write a one paragraph summary of each article to include the following information which might be bolded in your annotation. Theoretical framework (if there is one) Methods–to include research design, sample/participants, instruments Results Strengths/limitations Conclusions/application to practice

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