Nature vs nurture

Description Reflection #2 Be your own researcher and examine your psyche, personality and psychological development up to this point in your life. Write a review comparing and contrasting how the different elements and topics taught and discussed from this class play a role in who you are and how you are influenced by nature and nurture. Instructions and Grading Criteria: 1. Support your argument with at least three (3) different examples from your life using both nurture and nature. 2. Have a clear beginning, middle and conclusion with a thesis statement in your introduction. 3. Support your argument with five (5) different references as follows: your text book, 2 peer-reviewed journals, and 2 other different sources from books, periodicals, and/or reputable internet websites. (20 points) 4. Use APA format –  5. Include a writing lab/PBSC library critique with your final draft – 6. Quality of argument presented within 750-1000 words with referenced researched support for each example – (30 points) Total points: 100 Questions and thoughts to consider: • What is the nature vs. nurture controversy? • How do nature and nurture influence individual characteristics? • What does the research say about the nature versus nurture controversy? • How do you feel your genes and your environment have affected your life? • What psychological theories support your perspective? • Review this website for more insight on the debate: • For APA formatting, please use your library resources at PBSC or Purdue Owl:

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