Naturalistic Observation

 Description (no time to do an observation, so you will be looking for a creative way to fulfill this assignment.) You have free realm on a public place what you would like to “observe”. Assignment This will involve a non-participant naturalistic observation of a public place (this is where you will be creative). The purpose of this exercise is to provide the student with some firsthand experience with a qualitative data-gathering technique. Make notes regarding the atmosphere, the scents, smells, noises, spatial arrangements, activities, movements, interactions, etc. The first phase of taking field notes is to keenly observe and jot down your observations with as little interpretation as possible. Record what you see, hear, touch, and smell. 2 page summary Include the following identifying information: • Your name. • Type of setting. • Date and time of your observations. • Why you chose the setting. • Description of the setting. • Your observations of the interactions that took place.

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