Muslim For the final formal writing assignment of the semester you form an argument of your own in response to a focused research question. You will draw on research alongside your own ideas and experiences to help shape your argument. You will consider y


Skills: The purpose of English is to help you develop and practice reading and writing skills essential to your success in college and in your professional life beyond school.

Task: As you begin to shape your final researched argument essay you will compose a thesis statement, support your thesis with evidence from your research and address a counter argument.

Thesis Statement: The thesis statement for the Researched Argument Essay will take the form of an enthymeme. This is a claim that is directly connected to its reasoning. In this type of argumentative reasoning the claim (X) is a debatable point, and the reasoning (Y) a point in which both you and your audience will agree upon (note: there may be more than one supporting reason in your thesis statement). In its most simplistic form an enthymeme looks like this:

“I believe ____X____, because _____Y .”

As you begin to shape a thesis statement for this paper you will want to choose a topic and shape it into a research question. Narrow that topic to a question which has some tension; this should be an idea that can be debated. Then attempt to answer that question in the form of a third person enthymeme.


Length: 6-8 pages
Your topic must be approved by your professor
APA format
You will need to include at least five (5) sources for this paper

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