Mosquito (Malaria) connection with Enviromental Health

 One of the goals of this Environmental Health course is for you to recognize and understand the major environmental stressors and their impact on the health and well-being of human populations. As a future public health professional (or not), you must know what is happening in the world around you on a local, state, national, and international level. Each of you will be required to prepare and present one current event. Your current event article must come from scholar sources (no more than 2 years old). Either a news article, journal (examples: Journal of Environmental Health, Environmental Health), news magazine (examples: TIME, Newsweek) or a reputable internet news source (examples: MedicalNewsToday, CDC, ScienceDaily, KaiserHealthNews). An acceptable article must relate to current problems, issues, or programs that deal with our society or global matters that are appropriate to Environmental Health. Project Description Your current event paper should be in APA format, 3-4 (max) typed pages, double spaced, and size 12” font with standard margins. Section One 1. Overview ▪ Start with a general topic sentence that includes the topic of the article. Example: The New York Times article “Size at birth may predict risk for disease later in life” describes/explains/comments on. ▪ Do not: “I chose this article because….” *Provide the WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, WHY of the event in section one.* ▪ Do Not: Copy straight out of the article unless it is a direct quote. ▪ Do Not: Use lengthy quotes as filler in your paper. Section Two 2: Importance ▪ Explain why you think this current event is important. ▪ Why should people be concerned? ▪ How does it relate to this course, environmental health, or public health in general? ▪ How is it important on a local, state, national or international level? ▪ How might it impact you or those around you? *Include a minimum of three concrete details (statistics, quotes) and correctly cite the author. Example: According to (author of article, person interviewed, etc.). Never use “I” in formal written work that is based on fact. Your opinion has no place in section two. Section Three 3: Outcomes and Conclusion ▪ What ideas do you have about what should be done to address this event? ▪ How does learning about this event and thinking about possible results of it help you to see the importance of being aware of the event? ▪ Are there consequences of people NOT being concerned about the current event? ▪ Are there potential outcomes: Some sort of action to be taken? ▪ Additional information you would like to know about this event?

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