Moral dilemma/ chanllenge.

Main topic: A paper on a moral dilemma/challenge that you have faced? Relate it to:What do the concepts of faith, spirituality, and social justice mean to you? Guidelines: See full Paper Guidelines (500 to 1000 words or 2 to 4 pages content. Must be 12 Times Roman Font and Double spaced.) This paper will be mostly your creative ideas. The paper must have these parts. Introduction and Explanation of the Dilemma (Explain) Interpretation This is, the introduction to your paper. You will explain your topic and introduce your thesis and topic in one or two paragraphs Analysis and Presentation of your Argument This will be the largest section of your paper. You will give a full analysis of the situation and present a strong argument about it. You may use your reading as a reference if appropriate, but mostly your personal interpretation is the key for this paper. You may present both sides of the argument if you wish. Evaluation The “Evaluation” section provides an opportunity to critically examine the facts and/or arguments used. Evaluate the situation, examples. You also can present the other side of the argument if you choose and tell which side you believe would be strongest. You may use outside sources, (they do not have to be scholarly or peer reviewed for these reaction papers) remembering you must give citations and a reference list in APA or Works Cited list in MLA. Summarize Give a Final Summary of your thoughts. This section will be a couple of paragraphs. Summary of me: I’m a college student and the first person in my life to get a bachelor degree. One of the main moral dilemma and challenges will be I faced, which is probably universal among college students, was how to allocate my time and energy among the many learning opportunities available. These opportunities included the academic, of course, but also gaining social skills and maturity in my first extended time away from family, exploration of what I believe in and the ways that is reflected in my actions, and a growing consciousness of the nation and world as my extended community. One of my regrets is that I did not seek guidance and counselling in how best to engage these opportunities, but tried to do it all on my own. SHOW LESS

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