Migration, Human Rights and Diversity

  1. Research Essay (30%)Length: 1500 words (double-spaced)Only use references from the course reader or relevant migration studies journals and books. Only official internetsources can be cited. A minimum of 5 references should be used. Answer one question:Option 1:Watch the documentary ‘Ten Pound Pom’ or ‘I for India’ (available in the library reserve collection). What are some ofthe issues raised in the documentary about migration and the experiences of migrants?Option 2:The problem of unauthorised boat arrivals and asylum seekers is a divisive and bitterly debated issue in Australia. Forthis research essay, you are asked to conduct an informal interview with 2 or 3 people to gain their perspectives on thisissue. Using the interview material and relevant readings (see week 6) discuss the concerns of Australians on thismatter.Option 3:Formulate your own question

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