Midterm essay 750 words HUMN210

For these two questions,instructions are as followed:Answer two essay questions below using the textbook as your ONLY reference. (will provide book access instructions for ebook Online)· Answer two questions below and develop a 350 word each (700 word minimum total) essay with a discernible thesis statement (last sentence of first paragraph/underlined).

· Format: Include a title page, reference page; cite within the text and source answer; mechanics: 1” margins all around, indent paragraphs, double space, number pages; grammar and composition count. Title page includes your name, date, class, the number and question of your choice (do not put the question into the body of the exam). Submit your completed exam as one word document.

· General: Make use of primary source articles within the text. Avoid cluttering your response with direct quotes (if used keep it at oneat the most); write in third person.

· You must provide an in-text citation for your paraphrasing (For example, Duiker, p. 322-324) at the end of all paragraphs. You must use APA format on your reference page (even though the reference is only the text).

· Learning outcome: Critical thinking.


1. IDEOLOGIES: What were the chief ideas associated with early 19th century conservatism, liberalism, nationalism?

(Consider: why are these ideologies considered revolutionary by some; how they are the same and how they are different. Include Austria, France and Italy in your answer.) 3. MUSLIM EMPIRES: Identify and explain the main characteristics of each of the three 15th to-17th century Muslim empires. In what ways did they resemble each other? How were they distinct from their European Counterparts? Which dynasty was most successful, and why?

(Consider: ruler/religion/strengths and weaknesses) </pclass=”msonormal”>