MGT 455 Social Entrepreneurship

I’m stuck on a Business question and need an explanation.

Project Idea statement Due 3/17/20 to my professor

Each student will develop a powerful statement – The powerful statement is : How you propose solving the problem ( Your social venture idea: example: “ we will produce a portable water filtration straw that can be easily used in any adverse water environments like dirty streams, water fountains, etc. and can be used as an entrepreneurial venture for these people by having them also distribute these products in neighboring villages.”

The trick to building product ideas is to finding the balance. For example, a project on “ improving nutrition” probably is too broad, while “ designing a more efficient cooking stove “ is a bit too narrow.

Helping families obtain and prepare their meals more effectively” is a good balance. The opportunity to create value might be a better cook stove, but perhaps it’s the fuel or the cooking utensils or the food storage and transportation systems.

I have added the Project rubric and guidelines for you to follow along with a paper from last semester from a peer to give you a example.

It is due on May 3rd so you actually have 48 days and not 23 days but that was the most I could choose from on the website.

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