Mental Illness, Race, Substance Abuse

 Description The topic to research on is the relationship between mental illness, substance abuse, and race. Many people struggle with mental illness, and most of the time they will be prescribed medication. In certain situations, the people that are struggling with mental illness tend to become addicted and will abuse the drugs. It is important that they get the help that they need. This topic is significant because it reflects social inequality in different health profiles of the racial groups. Some factors relating to mental illness appear to be common to most ethnic and racial minorities. Statistics state that due to certain stresses caused by racism, it could lead to anxiety and depression for some people. Living conditions, environmental factors, and poverty could greatly impact this disorder. Outline: • Introduction and thesis statement. What is mental illness? • The statistics between the races and their relationship with mental illness. • The factors that contribute to mental illness • Explain why this is such a significant topic. • Discuss stigma of mental illness. • Conclusion and thesis.

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