Media Survey Project,The purpose of this research project is to survey the current depiction and representation of girls and women in the media. We will be looking for evidence of gender stereotyping, gender equality, gender role socialization, etc. We

Research You will survey 4 media resources; 1 print and 1 television program (at least 30 minutes long viewed at least 2 times) targeted to children or adolescents and 1 print and 1 television program (at least 30 minutes long viewed at least 2 times) targeted to adults. Make sure at least one of your resources is targeted for children. You may select any of the following areas: • Print resources: o Children’s books (nursery/fairy tales, series, single books, etc.); If using short books for young children, survey several different ones. o Books for teens (except those geared primarily towards adolescent males); teen magazines o Adult/Women’s magazines (US, People, Glamour, Cosmo, Vogue, Woman’s Day, etc.) • TV shows: o Kiddie cartoons and children’s shows; cartoons and shows for teens or that have teens in a major role (family sitcoms, high school shows, animation programs for teenagers, etc.). Must be shown currently. o Adult series (can be comedy or drama; live or animated; daytime or evening). Must be shown currently (e.g. not a re-run over 4 years old). Can not be a morning show, talk show, news show, etc. Introduction Begin your paper with an introductory section (no heading) that describes the purpose of the research project, and a literature review of 3 related studies. Your literature review can include findings from the textbook, readings in the course packet, and/or research you conducted on-line. You will need to reference your sources in the paper and in a reference page, following APA style as demonstrated in the course APA Style Guide. Include a brief description of each of the resources that describes the target audience, the main characters, etc. At the end of this section describe why you chose to do this particular assignment and your choice of media resources. Research Findings For the rest of your paper, make a sub-heading for the type of resource (Print Media or Televised Media) and separate sub-sub-headings for the name of the resource. Include the following information in that section. (Do not use sub-sub-headings for the areas described below but organize the information in paragraphs that use good topic and transition sentences. You do not need to organize in the same order as these instructions – organize your sections as coherently as possible). • Main Premise: Describe the main premise of the resource. What is the gender distribution of the main and secondary characters? Who tends to get the most attention? Is there a gender difference here? • Character Roles: Describe the roles that the female characters are playing. What do they do, enjoy, etc. Are the roles gender stereotypic? Do any of the characters (male or female) defy the common gender stereotypes of our culture? Is this represented as positive or negative? • Communications and Power: What are the relationships between the female and male characters? Is there a gender-related power structure in these relationships? (E.g. boss-secretary; teacher-student; etc.) Do the male and female characters generally cooperate with each other, show affection and respect, get along well, etc., or are they typically bickering, disrespectful, battling, at odds with each other, etc. or a combination of both. • Advertisement Analysis: Analyze any advertisements in the show or magazine as you did the text or show. Conclusions Conclude your paper with a summary of your general comments and impressions of how girls or women were depicted or presented based on your reviews. • What messages were being given about the roles of the female characters? Were the depictions of the female characters primarily positive, negative, or neutral? Did these characters emulate the gender stereotypes or defy them? • Would you want your child to learn about gender roles from this source? • What did you find most interesting, disturbing, surprising, etc. from doing this research? Format of Paper: Put your name in header, use APA style headings and sub-headings for the different sections of the paper; double space the paper and use 1” margins. Include an APA reference page. Paper should follow the format below: Media Research Project (Introduction section goes here, no heading) Research Findings Print Media Glamour Teen People Televised Media CSI New York. South Park. Conclusions

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