Measurable Goals paper

 Description Working with children 5 and under. Utilizing too many worksheets. Advocated Solutions and Implementation Plan From your research, brainstorm a list of potential solutions to your problem. Select at least 8-10 solutions from your researched resources, and review the list with the classroom teacher and staff. You need to make sure you have enough possible solutions from which to choose. Sample Brainstorming List Develop___________________________ Set up____________________ Incorporate_________________ Create_____________ Redesign__________________ Start_______________________ Once you have created the list of possible solutions, discuss with the classroom teacher, administrator and staff all the possibilities. Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of each possible solution and the potential outcomes. Discuss the limitations, weaknesses and strengths. In a paragraph, discuss the conclusion from the collaboration. be sure to include any possible challenges or potential problems. Following your research and analysis, select several strategies to implement, then justify your choices. Once you have selected your possible solutions, you will create an Implementation Plan. You will design and Implementation Plan (IP) summary, which is an overview. Work with the Cooperating teacher to discuss specific lesson plans or strategies to implement in the classroom. Any implementation of activities or strategies must be discussed and approved by the classroom teacher. IP Summary must be in complete sentences. Bullet sentences can be used. The Implementation Plan Summary: Problem Statement: My Problem is ___________________________ It’s important to me because______________________________________ Specific and Measurable Goals (2-3 goals minimum): The goals for my inquiry project are: Children will be able to ________________________________ Children’s interest in ______________ will improve by ________________ There will be an increase or decrease of ________________________ Steps to take: Be specific on the steps. Bullet statements can be used. Expected Outcomes: Be sure to address the outcomes from the goals you designed. Be sure to address any other possible outcomes. Connection to NAEYC Standard(s): Select a NAEYC Standard/competency that connects to this Project: NAEYC Standard/competency #_______ Title of the standard______________________________________. Rationale for how this project meets the standard (3-4 sentences MINIMUM)

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