Mass Media and Public Policy

Pick a Florida College or University and using their County of primary residence, develop a Mass Media plan to support a college/university capital projects development plan by using a county wide referendum, two years long – one penny sales tax. The voting date is March 16 of next year.


Using the common informative speech outline present a 3 to 5-minute talk using power point explaining what you chose and why and.. give me a copy print of the slides.

Power point presentation elements and final project grading checklist: eight items at 17.5 points each. __ A basic history of the school and undergraduate fees. __ Identify County voter demographics (D/R ages and income) and your opinion how they will vote for or against the tax rate. __ Identify 3 real community leaders in the college’s area who might support your referendum and explain why you picked them. __ Which Maslow’s need will you use to persuade the voters, and why did you choose that need? __ Using your selected need compose one, four paragraph press release to the public to solicit public support. __ Using your selected need compose One Tweet to support your call to action. __ Using your selected need compose a One page video script with visuals and audio copy. (split page format) __ Design one side of a 5X7 inch mailing complete with copy and illustration(s) and explain why you chose the pictures you chose. 

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