Marketing & Sponsorship Course Work 1

 This assignment requires you to produce a marketing report to a chosen sports organisation. Your task is to produce and present a detailed marketing report that describes and evaluates the marketing strategy of a chosen sports organisation including the following aspects: • An analysis of its extended marketing mix strategies (25%). • An evaluation of brand equity (25%) • Experiential marketing strategies to aid creating revenue opportunities for chosen organisation (25%) • Strategies for creating new sponsorship/partnership agreements or improving the effectiveness of existent ones (15%) • Presentation of the report, structure, written style (10%) Your report should be professionally written and presented. It must include recommendations to the CEO linked to a sports marketing strategy. It should be more than descriptive collations of individual submissions or library material (sources should be referenced in detail; notions alone are not acceptable). Also, it should illustrate relevant aspects of theory and accepted practices, and demonstrate thoughtful analysis and discussion of key issues.

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