Managing Operations and the Supply Chain

 Purpose of the Assessment This assignment is designed to enable you to demonstrate an understanding of the potential for automation to impact existing operations processes and related resources. Assessment Task You will conduct a review of the literature in the subject area of Automation. Specifically, you are to identify the origins of the concept of the Technological Unemployment and to chart its development up to the present day. Following your review, you are to critically evaluate the impact of Technological Unemployment on a company of your choice. You will be expected to illustrate your discussion with examples drawn from authoritative business and academic sources. Assessment Breakdown 1. (10% of word count) Establish the scenario for your report by selecting an organisation of any type, sector and size to focus your report on. Describe: a) Which organisation is it? (type, sector and size) b) What are the main products and/or services provided by the organisation? c) Who are the main customers? 2. (45% of word count) Prepare a literature review, charting the development of the concept of Technological Unemployment from its inception until the present day. Ensure that you include references to at least 10 peer-reviewed articles, including the 2016 paper by Frey and Osborne that has been supplied. You may also find relevant reviews in the trade press and from other authoritative sources. 3. (45% of word count) Apply Frey and Osborne’s findings (see Appendix A in the Supporting Materials) in the context of your chosen company. Consider a low impact scenario, when only jobs at high risk (> 70%) are replaced by technology. How will the company change? Assessment Submission Your assignment must be word processed and presented in a report format with simple sub-headings. The word count should be 1500 words±10% (tables, diagrams and appendices are excluded from the count). The Assignment report should have a Front Sheet showing your name, your student number, the module name, the module number, the assignment title, the module tutor’s name, the date and the word count. Assessment Guidance The quality of your presentation and academic referencing is very important. Please, use the Harvard Referencing System. Within your assignment your tutor will be looking for content that addresses the key elements of the assignment brief. Remember that Frey and Osborne’s work is quantitative – you will be expected to have numerical data to support your discussion.

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