Maddalena Marinari, “’Americans Must Show Justice in Immigration Policies Too’

I don’t know how to handle this History question and need guidance.

How does Maddalena Marinara suggest that the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 was revolutionary? What changes did it lead to?

What groups were involved in shaping the new law? What impacts did they have?

What have been the critiques of the law?

What is the historiography of this law according to Marinara?

What is Marinara’s contribution to the historiography? In other words, what is her argument?

What were Dixiecrats?

How is the law connected to undocumented immigration?

How did the Cold War context influence American policy-makers’ thinking about immigration and the need for reform?

What does this article teach readers about how laws are created?

What insights does this article give readers about how the solidly Democratic South was changing?

What groups in Congress tended to be the most restrictive on immigration, and what were their motivations? What role did Michael Feighan play (and who was he)?

What were the motivations of those who supported immigration reform?

How was the law at least a partial victory for immigration-reform advocates?

Why does Marinara argue that the reform measure was “in some ways more restrictive and discriminatory that the one it repealed”? (238)