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Please check the atttached document which ive provided more information on the assessment. I need to write a letter to Federal Politician which ive chose Ed Husic and invite him to an event thats about youth homelessness event.
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Assessment 3 Writing as Advocates (to Government/ Media) Due Week8 Status Graded Length/ Part A 200 – 250 words Part B: 500 – 600 words (guide only) Participation Individual Letter to a Politician/person of influence Weight Must Pass This assessment 1.3 involves producing two written “texts” in relation to the scenario in Assessment 1.1. Part A: Draft a letter to a state and/or federal politician or an appropriate person of influence (in relation to your Program activities) requesting attendance at your event. DO NOT SEND IT. This is an assessment activity only. Ensure that you choose the right level of government and/or influence for the concern you are expressing and correctly address the letter Make sure you introduce yourself and your organisation Include appropriate information about the event to increase the likelihood of your chosen representative attending. Headings and dot points may be used where appropriate. Make sure you spell check and grammar check your work! Part B: In 500-600 words set out why you invited the person you did, what is their background and interest in the subject and what difference will their attendance make at and to the event. You should take into account opposing views of the projects theme and explain why this particular person was appropriate for the day. You should also highlight their relevance to the community and any credentials that make them approachable by ordinary community members. Ps: I have chosen Ed husic because he does fundraising for schools in blacktown in Australia as well as he helps community centers mt druitt like Shelvey community center. You can get more information on this person on the internet. Created with an evaluation copy of Aspose.Words. To discover the full versions of our APIs please visit: https://products.aspose.com/words/ Created with an evaluation copy of Aspose.Words. To discover the full versions of our APIs please visit:…