Legal and Ethical Considerations

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These are two separtate questions and should be answered as such with a minimum of 200 works, and an in text cite. Please use resources below to assist with answers

Question 1 Informed by the California Board of Behavioral Sciences Statutes and regulations relating to the practice of: Professional clinical counseling, marriage and family therapy, educational psychology, clinical social workconsider one regulation that is applicable to the practice of marriage/family therapy that the MFT may encounter when working with a family dealing with issues of aging parents. Discuss the issue, and describe how the statues and regulations can guide the MFT.…

Question 2

Find a scenario, based on a recent court case or other source, that describes an ethical issue related to the practice of MFT with older adults. Using the scenario as your basis, describe the issue, explain the relevant ethical principles and discuss how you would resolve the ethical issue as an MFT.

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Rath, L. (2012). Advancing the field: The Archstone Foundation elder abuse and neglect initiative. Generations, 36(3), pp. 100-102.

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