Leadership Styles in the Workplace

The following are required:

More than five (5) pages, NOT including the title page or reference page(s) Typed, 12pt, Times New Roman fonts A title page (as per APA and must include paper title, your name, and pertinent class information). A reference page with all citations used in the body of your paper (as per APA) At least five (5) peer-reviewed (a.k.a. scholarly) articles published in the last five (5) years; **other and older material may be used if the initial requirement is met Formatted as per APA guidelines **********

The title page and the reference page will NOT count towards #2 above Make sure you cover the following information: Organization/Leader overview. Theoretical background of discussed leadership style and/or organization Strengths and weaknesses you identified and how the company/leader responded to diverse topics. The external opportunities and threats you identified and how the company/leader can improve. Examples of traditional and non-traditional leaders, and how they have met or will meet organizational objectives. How the leader and the organization aligns with its corporate values.

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