Latin American Civilization

Task: Choose one of the two prompts below to develop Essay 3. The essay should be 3-4 pages in length,double spaced, and in Times New Roman, size 12 font.A good paper will have a clear thesis statement in the introduction, and body paragraphs with clear topic sentences and supporting evidence based on primary and secondary sources. This assignment requires that you cite a combination of at least 3 sources, with a minimum of 1 primary source. You may ONLY use the textbook, and primary and secondary sources provided on CANVAS in your weekly Discussions as sources for your paper. Absolutely no outside internet sources should be used for this assignment.1.Explain the emergence of populism in Latin America after 1929. The thesis should make an argument regarding the major social, political, economic,and/or cultural developments that contributed to the rise of populist movements and how such developments shaped the political style and platform of their leaders. Use a combination of primary and secondary sources to outline specific examples. Additional Criteria for Success:•Be sure to structure your essay with an introduction, body and conclusion.•The introductory paragraph should include three parts:A.Provide a context or background(2-3 sentences) to the material you will be discussing. In the words of Dr. Pyron, it should “set the scene” by proving the what, the where, the Page 2 of 2 when, or the who of the material. There should be no argument here, just general historical data to set up your historical question and thesis statement.B. State the historical problem(1-2 sentences). This should be the essay question reintroduced as the historical problem you will be addressing in the paper. Try to find a flow between the background information you provide and the statement of the historical problem. Why should we care about the historical facts you just discussed in the preceding background section of the introduction? What is their significance? C.Provide your thesis statement for the paper (1-2 sentences). The thesis statement should have 2 PARTS. The first states your position or answer to the historical problem above, and the second provides a blueprint for the paper (or approximately three elements that will support your position in the body of the paper). The blueprint should directly correlate to the topic sentence or main idea in each body paragraph. •Body paragraphs and topic sentences: Body paragraphs should have topic sentences describing the main idea of the corresponding paragraph. They should echo one of your thesis elements.•Sources and Citations:Sources and citations are two different things. Sources are the repositories of your information (the book, article, or historical document). Citations are references to the sources, usually with specific page numbers or locations within the source. In the Chicago Manual of Style, citations come in the form of footnotes. The paper should have a minimum of 3 sources, and at least one of them needs to be a primary source, but it can and should have many more footnotes. The bare minimum number of footnotes is 3 of course, but an excellent paper will have many more. Information from the cited sources should support the arguments of your body paragraphs. Cite any quotations, paraphrased content, or original ideas from othersources.•Format of Citations. Use the Chicago Manual of Style, which requires footnote citations. You DO NOT NEED A BIBLIOGRAPHY. See this link for some examples: guide/citation-guide-1.html•Grammar and Style.Use a concise, professional and academic style of writing, free of grammatical errors and colloquialisms.•Quotations:Limit quotations to 1 sentence per page or one longer quotation of 3 to 4 sentences for the whole essay.

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