Late Medieval and Early Modern Spain

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1. Discuss the role of the Jews and of Conversos in Spanish history up to 1550. Be specific. Provide names and events. Discuss the issues leading to the creation of the Inquisition, the expulsion of the Jews in 1492, and its aftermath. (The answer will be found in the first chapter of Spanish Society, which I will attach)

2. What was the nature of Spanish culture in the period between 1300 and the reign of the Catholic Monarchs? How does the culture of Castile compare to that of Aragon? After discussing these topics in some detail, focus on Jorge Manrique’s Ode to the Death of My Father. What does that poem tell you about Castilian culture and values in the late fifteenth century and as to Manrique’s intent and values? (The answer to this should be found in Ruiz, Spain: Centuries of Crisis, which I will attach)

Please answer BOTH of the two questions using the text that has been provided for each question. Please only use the sources provided and no other outside or online sources.

Please make sure that the response is at least 6 pages in total, double spaced. Make sure that you place your discussion of these topics within a historical context. Make references to your reading (mostly to the primary sources), but do not be afraid of being creative. What is expected is a serious critical evaluation of the material.

I will attach the sources that I need you to use. Please site them in the essay and make a works cited page at the end.

Once again the response needs to be 6 pages in total (NOT including the works cited page). Thank you!

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