“Late Adulthood” and “Endings”

Description Single Spaced As you finish up this semester with the chapters on “Late Adulthood” and “Endings”, I would like for you to reflect on the things you have learned this semester and apply them to the end of life topics. Thinking about death and dying is not something that people tend to like to do. As research and understanding of the dying process continue to advance, it is an important topic to look at.  There are many different aspects of the dying process in your textbook. If you would like to cover more than one topic that is OK too. 1. Defining Death and Life/Death Issues – Evaluate issues in determining death and decisions regarding death. 2. A Developmental Perspective on Death – Discuss death and attitudes about it at different points in development. 3. Facing One’s Own Death – Explain the psychological aspects involved in facing one’s own death and the contexts in which people die. 4. Coping with the Death of Someone Else – Identify ways to cope with the death of another person. 5. The Death System and Cultural Contexts – Describe the death system and its cultural and historical contexts.

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