Labor Rights For Undocumented workers

 Focus on Immokalee Workers. Part 1: Answer the following questions about the topic. 1. What is the topic? Stick to the topic that pertains to the US and US law. What is about this topic that you find compelling? 2. Which articles of the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights are being violated (be sure elaborate and spell this out)? Are the violations that you will be talking about legal under the existing laws of the countries where the violations are taking place? 3. Who are the violators? Who are the victims? Who are the actors (governmental, non-governmental, international organizations, media, advocacy groups, labor unions etc.) who are involved in the violation, who are trying to change the behavior of the violator or who are trying to drow attention to the violation itself? 4. Where are things at present? Has the bad behavior been “corrected”? Have conditions for the victims improved? 5. Cite the online sources that you looked at. Part 2: Annotated Bibliography Due: 1. Find 4 newspaper stories about the topic from the New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Christian Science Monitor (good for the Middle East), the Guardian or other major newspaper of record. 2. Find 3 magazine articles on your topic published in serious journalistic (or analytic) magazines (i.e. Time, The Economist, Foreign Affairs, The New Yorker, The Nation, The Atlantic, Mother Jones, Rolling Stone etc.). 3. Find one academic journal article relevant to your topic (note: law reviews are good for this) 4. Find 2 books relevant to your topic. For each of the 10 terms, fully cite APA style and then in a short paragraph write a brief annotation (4 to 5 sentences) that tells what the article or book is about and what it concludes. Part 3: The Full Paper Due: Write a narrative about the topic (human rights problem) and its significance; evidence, efforts to solve the human rights problem (related to the topic) across multiple arenas; and your assessment of the relative success or failure of that effort. Annotated Bibliography: Be sure attach your annotated bibliography to the back of your essay. Use APA style for the citations. Questions to think about: (use this as a rough outline) 1. What is the current significance of your topic? What are the broader implications for individual freedom, human development, multi-culturalism and democracy? 2. What are the offending laws or government actions? Do these violations of human rights also involve non-governmental private actors like corporations or organized crime? 3. What articles of the U.N International Declaration of Human Rights are being violated? Are the rights in question individual, collective or both? Be sure to fully elaborate this. 4. What parts of the U.S Constitution and Bill of Rights are being violated? 5. Is there a dispute that violations actually happened? What evidence has been presented (reports, investigations etc.) that these violations actually happened? How is offending party challenging the evidence? 6. Which organization, or organizations, first drew attention to the human rights violations that touch on your topic? How did they go about doing this? What was their strategy; what were their tactics? We’re there demonstrations, civil disobedience, violent confrontations? 7. How did the media (including social media) Picrespond? And what were the media strategies of the advocacy groups who were drawing attention to the human rights violations pertinent to your topic? 8. How did other human rights groups respond? Did the groups relevant to your topic from a coalition of common interest? Or did they line up against each other? 9. How did Congress respond? Did they pass legislation that offered a solution to the problem of the violations? Or did Congress do nothing? Or did they pass a law that created the human rights problem in the first place? Does the pressure, on the two parties, to win elections have anything to do with this? 10. How did the President and the White House respond? What regulations did the president issue to ease or worsen the problem? What directions did the president issue to the relevant agencies under his control as “chief executive”? Did they make the problem better or worse? What is the stated policy of the White House towards the particular human rights problem that you are writing about? Is the stated position a genuine one; or on that is contradicted by the President’s actions? 11. How did the courts respond? Did they uphold or overturn the actions of the President and Congress in their rulings? 12. Where does public opinion stand on the human rights issue that you are researching? Is the public becoming more sympathetic to the people affected by the human human rights violations that you are writing about? Or is the public becoming more hostile to the affected people/groups? How do you account for this? What do you think is happening and why? 13. So; do you think the strategy of advocacy for these aggrieved parties is a good one? Is it working? What are some changes in tactics, or strategy, that you would recommend to improve on the power of the advocacy so that the human rights that have been denied could be established or restored.

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