John Marston from Red Dead Redemption and Red Dead Redemption 2

 Reseeing the world requires one to imagine other perspectives. For instance, scientists often spout out theories that become obsolete once a new idea presents itself. Think about all of the times that studies come out expressing “wine is bad for you,” but later on a new study debuts the idea “wine is good for you.” These different perspectives require the viewer to turn the details around, upside down, and inside out so to help provide a new way of accepting them. You are reseeing your perspective on a character of your choice. How you perceive the character and what you perceive are up to you, but you must look at the character differently from before. As such, you will need to throw out all of your established perspectives and break down a new set to analyze and to argue your case for it. Keep the following details in mind: Choose a character you like or do not like. Re-think your perspective on that character. Argue why this new perspective is the way this character should be viewed. Provide a counter-argument. Analyze details about the character to help show why this perspective is accurate. Relate information from specific examples to help with the analysis. Avoid focusing on the obvious. Maintain good logos and ethos (and, if applicable, make use of good pathos). Avoid fallacies.

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