Job Training and Development

Hi, I am Lisa, the young lady you are assisting with homework. I am currently a drug counselor at a rehabilitation center where I work with clients that are addicted to drugs. I find it un-ethical for the organization in which I work to hire people that are not licensed or certified counselors to be assisting as though they were counselors. It is a nonprofit organization so they can hire whomever they choose. The topics of HR that relates most to my CA is training and development, performance and evaluation.

Please write a seven-page paper identifying which HR topics relates most to your CA and explain the relationship. There must be in-text citations as well as a reference page. The text book I am currently using for this class is title Human Resources Management for Public and Nonprofit Organizations: Author- Joan E. Pynes (2013). Thank you

Written from my Professor- Outline

The underlying belief of strategic human resources management is the conviction that public and nonprofit employees are important assets to an organization and critical for the organization’s success. Human resources representatives should be part of the strategic planning process, along with representatives from other departments. After strategies are formulated, human resources specialists, department directors, line managers, employees, and, in unionized organizations, union representatives should collaborate with one another to develop programs, policies, job tasks, and responsibilities that are compatible with the organization’s overall strategies.

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