Janine Antoni

Paper Construction Details: In order to build a strong paper, present your reader with a clear flow of information from introducing the artwork&topic to its formal analysis and contextual analysis, and then to the best scholarship you have found on it. Tell your reader what scholars have said and lead them into your own viewpoint, which will punctuate the paper – see below for a guideline for conveying this information in a way that leads your reader logically through your analysis…… Page 1 – First paragraph introduces your object of study. Tell the reader what you will be examining and what course schedule topic it engages Page 1 – After introducing your object and topic, build a “mental picture” of your object (using your formal analysis) for your reader. Tell them what they are seeing and point out any important details that relate to your topic and investigation of this object Page 1 – bottom – introduce the contextual details regarding this work. Locate your object within its history: who made it, where were they trained, when in their career did they produce this work, what issues and subjects are being engages and how  Page 2 – Contextual investigation continues through the end of page 2. Page 3 – Top – Focus on your topic and research now. What topic did you choose? State your topic and let your reader know how this artist approached the topic. From what vantage point. What artistic decisions did they make to support this focus?

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