It’s women and crime essay. The following information should help you with the journal article…

It’s women and crime essay.

The following information should help you with the journal article reviews

—You have been assigned 2 journals. You will need to write 1 paper that consist of 5 pages and should not exceed this limit. This is the challenging part of the assignment because you have to be concise and really distinguish key points of the articles.

—The paper should be double-spaced, have 1-inch margins, and be grammatically correct. Make sure to staple your work and include page numbers.

—The journal reviews should have two parts. One is your summary of the articles. That is, what is the main point of the journal and what is the evidence that supports the argument(s). The second part of the review should be your critique. How would you critique the argument and the evidence? How could the journal be improved and who would you recommend the journal to? In light of what you have learned in the class, does the journal contribute anything significant, why or why not? Please be as detailed as possible.

—Check Spelling, Grammar, and Proofread your review before you turn it in.
—Proper citation is required. Follow the APA style to cite references.
Document Preview:

Challenges Incarcerated Women Face as They Return to Their Communities: Findings From Life History Interviews Beth E. Richie This article uses results of a qualitative researchproject to describe the challenges that incarcerated women face asthey return totheir communities from jail orprison. Follow- ing a descriptive profile of the population, the particular challenges are discussed, focusing on the gender and culturally specific needs thatformerly incarcerated women from low-income communities face upon releasefrom correctional facilities inthis coun- try. The article concludes with a discussion of the broader contexts that affect women’s self-sufficiency, and the need for neighborhood development initiatives, public policy reform, and social changes. Intellectual and public policy discussions regarding prisoner reentry, probation or parole services, and the impact of incarceration on community life more generally, have failed to incorporate the specific challenges that incarcerated women face as they return to their communities. Reflecting the broader relative invisibility of women in the field of criminology and the criminaljustice literature, the lackof knowledge about (andperhaps, interest in)gender as an important variable inreentry has significantly limited inter- ventioninitiatives. This articleisanattempttobegin tofillthisgapbyanalyz- ingdataabout incarcerated women’s reentry experiences collected inaseries ofqualitative studies. Ademographic profile ofwomen injails andprisons in theUnited States willbefollowed byadiscussion offindingsfrom interviews conducted with incarcerated and formerly incarcerated women about the challenges they face upon release from correctional facilities. This discus- sion will incorporate the analysis of their accounts, areview of the relevant literature, and an evaluation of the gender-related, culturally specific issues that arise from considerations of thebroader social and institutional context. The article will conclude…

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