It is on the book “Omnivore’s Dilemma”

Write an essay that applies the Rogerian template in each body paragraph. Identify six passages in the text that each define a separate issue or problem. Each specific issue will become the TS for one body paragraph. The writing core provides you with the full Rogerian template and instruction. Apply the Rogerian method to the issue/problem. Anchor your analysis in the text via direct quotations. Each body paragraph should read like a dialogue between the author of the text and the external source data; this will be mediated by your own authorial voice. You MUST leave all labels in the final copy You will use outside source material to make your analysis as well-rounded as possible. Source attribution will be done in MLA only. See the writing core for MLA instruction and reference materials. Your sources should be from valid academic research databases. Use the library website to access these databases. The number, quality, and integration of sources will factor into your grade. This essay will use, at minimum, six outside academic sources. Your essay will be considered incomplete without the minimum number of sources. ***THIS IS NOT A RESEARCH PAPER. It is an application of the Rogerian method. ***DO NOT WRITE AN INDEPENDENT RESEARCH ESSAY ON FOOD SUSTAINABILITY*** work cited

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