Is The Scarlet Letter a feminist novel?

 Description Here are the directions: You can choose any of the prompts. And also, needs to be in TLQ format (transitition lead in quote, 5 paragraphs) During the last few weeks, we have read and discussed Nathaniel Hawthorne’s 1850 novel, The Scarlet Letter. This novel is an example of historical fiction and is one of the most acclaimed works to emerge from the American Romanticism period. As we have analyzed the novel during class discussions and activities, we have focused on Hawthorne’s rich use of symbolism, his complex development of the novel’s protagonist, Hester Prynne, and his exploration of the concepts of guilt and redemption in Puritan society. This assignment invites you to examine one of these areas in greater depth in a thesis-driven, argumentative essay. Please respond to one of the following prompts: Prompt 1: Is Hester Prynne a strong female character? Is The Scarlet Letter a feminist novel? Why or why not? Prompt 2: Examine the fluctuating symbolism of the scarlet letter. Does its significance change over time? Does its meaning change based on who witnesses it? Prompt 3: What is the significance of nature in The Scarlet Letter? How does the natural environment drive the novel’s plot and enhance its themes? Prompt 4: Examine the portrayal of sin, guilt, and redemption in The Scarlet Letter. What does Hawthorne seem to suggest about the nature of sin and the differences between public and personal redemption? Length: The essay must be at least five paragraphs, but not more than three full pages (not including the Works Cited page). Format & Sources: You must use MLA format for the parenthetical citations and the proper format for the heading and header. Your paper must include a Works Cited page in accordance with MLA format.

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