Investigate the assimilation and spread of Buddhism in China.

. Your papers should be 5 pages, double-spaced, standard 12- point fonts and 1-inch margins. Do not add extra blank lines between the paragraphs; you need the space. You must staple your papers and number the pages. Always cite your sources, with specific page numbers, whether you summarize or directly quote them. Any standard bibliographic style is OK, but don’t use long footnotes. If you include a separate title page or bibliographic page with your papers, these do not count toward the 5 pages. The professor will be looking for an analytical essay with clear writing, logical organization and transitions, freedom from spelling and grammatical errors, specific knowledge of the readings and lectures (and videos if relevant), and effective synthesis of the course material. The papers should have a clearly articulated thesis, reflect the course material accurately, and demonstrate your own insight into the issues addressed. The essays should be structured around a central argument of your own and build to a satisfying conclusion.

Do not use long quotes in your papers; your own analysis of the material is the most important part. Sources not specifically assigned or recommended should be used minimally if at all.

Topics: Investigate the assimilation and spread of Buddhism in China. Be as specific as you can in terms of concepts, figures, and movements, and make sure to draw on both Indian and Chinese traditions. Some issues you may want to consider: What were the barriers and critiques that Chinese Buddhists had to overcome during their assimilation of the Indian tradition? How did they strive to overcome those critiques? Illustrate ways in which Buddhism was integrated with traditional Chinese culture (especially Confucianism and Daoism) and how Chinese Buddhism incorporated or transformed Indian Buddhist traditions. (Can you help me write a research paper with easy grammar organization and easy to understand, I am the first-year undergraduate student, I want to easy and clear idea that’s my goal)

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