Introduction explaining succinctly the significance of the issue, and explaining the purpose of the paper. Use a standard thesis statement or any effective means of identifying the purpose of the paper in the first paragraph. Present the issue as a proble

The introduction should also address the audience for your topic.

Body of the paper:

Neutral description of at least three possible solutions to the problem. Ideally, each possible solution should call on the ethos of an authority or a person deeply involved; this is also a good point at which to include the logos, along the lines of why each possible solution makes sense.

Conclusion: Reiteration of the reasons this is a significant issue which must be addressed.

Other Requirements:

MLA citation style, including parenthetical citations if and when necessary.

The paper should include at least ten sources, which will be listed in a Works Cited page

Strategies for managing sources:

Direct quotation with parenthetical citation

Direct quotation with citation in the prose

Paraphrase with parenthetical citation

Paraphrase with citation in the prose

The essay will be 4-6 pages in length, not including the Works Cited page

Peer editing will take place on Tuesday 30 October and Thursday 1 November

Tentative due date is noon on Saturday 3 November at 12 noon.

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