International students in US universities: Organizational Climate Paper

Organizational Climate Paper The paper (including title page, references and citations) must follow APA 6th edition guidelines and the length should be around 2000 words for master’s students, excluding title and references. The final paper should use at least 8 (for masters) relevant academic journal articles or other scholarly works.You should have the following elements: ¥ Title ¥ Overview of the subgroup: What is the focus of your study? Why is studying this group important for higher education? Provide some of the historical background for this group in higher education. ¥ Literature on your subgroup: What is the scholarly literature saying about the climates for your subgroup? What are the specific needs and issues, according to the literature, that your sub-group faces? ¥ Practical significance and implications of your analysis: What should be done next for this sub-group? What can leaders do to improve the climates for this group? Make a logical argument grounded in your analysis and the literature. ¥ References. You should have the required number of sources.

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