International Corporate Governance: Thailand

 1) Concentrate on your selected country but also include statistics on the continent where your country is located. Country Assigned is Thailand. 2) The paper should be 2000 words minimum (without counting references, tables, and appendices). 3) Please start with a detailed table of contents and sections. You will also have to provide a reference section at the end of the paper. 4) The goal of the paper is to describe and analyze the main differences in corporate governance between your country and the United States. 5) Make sure you cover the following information: a) Legal origin of country and its consequences on corporate governance b) Ownership structures characteristics: emphasize differences with the US c) Board structure and its impact on corporate governance d) Committees of the board and their impact on corporate governance quality 6) Start by reading chapter 4 in order to get a comprehensive picture of the concepts you are supposed to analyze. You cannot use the book statistics and references without updating them. 7) Post the paper on ecampus by class time on December 11, 2018. Turnitin will be used.

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