Intermittent fasting is the best eating habit for humans because of health,autophagy,religions,preventing diseases




Intermittent fasting is the best eating habit for humans because of health,autophagy,religions,preventing diseases

Introduction: Through the earlier assignments in this class like the PRN, Annotated Bibliography, and Proposal, you’ve been exploring a topic and working towards developing an argument that interests you. Now is the time to write it up as an argumentative essay by building on what you’ve learned from the previous assignments. An ARE should include a specific, explicit argument that you support and develop with sources to persuade a reader. Remember, at the heart of an academic argument paper like your ARE is rhetoric: communication designed to persuade an audience. Making an argument—expressing a point of view on a subject and supporting it with evidence—is the aim of academic writing, even if the word “argument” is never used. In fact, in academic writing contexts you will almost always do more than report on information that you have gathered through research. You will also need to construct a point of view and provide evidence to develop your own considered argument. As part of constructing your ARE for WRIT 111, you should examine scholarly sources that explore a range of perspectives on contemporary issues being debated in various academic disciplines. You will put scholarly sources into conversation with one another by drawing connections or pointing out disparities among and between them, which is what synthesis is all about. As a new member of the academic community, you should find where your voice, perspective, and argument fit into the existing conversation, and offer your own creative insights that extend that conversation in some new direction. Requirements: ● The Argumentative Researched Essay will build on the work you’ve done to this point. ● You must integrate a variety of sources in your paper, at least four of which must be scholarly (published in a scholarly peer-reviewed journal or collected in an anthology of scholarly sources published by a university press). Use the sources to establish a thread of conversation. Join in that conversation. Most students will have a total of 6-10 sources for this paper. You may have more, but expect your readers to scrutinize your choices. ● In the process of integrating the ideas of others into your writing, you must demonstrate that you are able to do the following: 1. Known when to use correctly cited summary, paraphrase, and direct quotation 2. Show that you understand the correct way to paraphrase or quote directly 3. Follow the citation and formatting requirements of MLA or another documentation style 4. Avoid improper citation and plagiarism ● Your essay should have a clearly recognizable thesis in the form of an argument that a reasonable reader could disagree with. The “So what?” of your argument should also be identifiable. The best AREs establish new and interesting ideas and propositions, while also being purposefully and persuasively organized. Form: Your Argumentative Researched Essay will be 8 full to 10 pages. The default style is MLA (See the sample MLA essay in Easy Writer, 45f pages 259-68), but you may arrange with your instructor to use another recognized citation and formatting style. The tone and diction of this paper should relate to the secondary audience for the piece, the research-conscious, academic community of Binghamton University. AREs are scholarly papers, thus the conventions of this genre are more formal. Challenges: The challenge is putting the most relevant sources together in discussion and adding your own voice and ideas to this conversation. This requires thoughtful choices about what to include, synthesis in putting sources in conversation with one another, and confidence to add your own voice. A reader should see you engaged with your sources.

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